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Pastor’s Book Club

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Starting this month I am going to begin what I am calling the Pastor’s Book Club. This will be an opportunity for us at The Bridge, and anyone else who would like to join, to read a book in community. Each month I will choose a book and we will read that book together. Those of us who are able will then meet on the last Sunday of the month to discuss what we have read.

I am going choose a wide variety of books. Some will be new and some will be classics. Some will be obviously Christian, such as this month’s book The Pursuit of God, and others will be secular. At times we might be looking into the biography of a missionary, and at others a popular book that has touched the current zeitgeist.

Just because a book is chosen, it doesn’t mean the I or The Bridge endorse every part of the book. Even in the best books there is probably something I disagree with. Part of the nature of this book club will be looking at aspects of the culture and discussing them from a biblical perspective.

Since this group will not be fixed, and only meets once a month, it will be great for those whose schedules do not allow them to gather with a weekly or bi-weekly group. My hope is that these discussions will not only help us grow culturally and spiritually, but also help to build connections within the church as well as with those in the community.

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